Handcrafted Semi-Precious Gemstone Jewelry & Accessories

I have always loved receiving and making anything handmade, especially if they are made with natural materials. Whether its natural fibers when I'm knitting and crocheting or semi-precious stones in my jewelry, I have found that anything our Creator makes is always more beautiful. Love for making original items actually runs in the family. Two of my uncles, my brother, and my youngest son are very gifted woodworkers. Two of my sons excel at art and my oldest son is a wonderful writer and cook. When I was young I learned knitting, crocheting, macrame, quilling, and cross stitch from my mother and a dear family friend. Over the years, as my chlldren were growing, I enjoyed making items for family and friends. My love for jewelry making began about 20 years ago when my niece, Annie, called to see if I would like her to teach me how to make a necklace. I was hooked. After years of hearing, "You should sell your jewelry", I decided to do just that. I know you will enjoy wearing my designs as much as I love making them. Thank you Annie!

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